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Olin Stephens esteemed career as the greatest living yacht designer of our time was all started with the design of a 6-meter racing yacht that he was able to persuade Yachting magazine to publish in January of 1928, a yacht he designed as an amateur.  This design ultimately led to his association with the broker Drake Sparkman and the formation of Sparkman & Stephens.

 The six-meter class was very active in Long Island Sound during the early 1930s.  In the early years a number of 6-meter racing yachts were designed by the firm. A total of 39 were designed in all.  It was acknowledged by many familiar with these boats that they were so successful and fast that they seemed to have an "unfair" advantage.  Two, in particular, were stand-outs: JILL and CHEROKEE (1930).  On and off the wind, both were fast and capable.

The Museum of Yachting, is pleased to announce that as part of an exhibit on the history of S&S, the Newport years, the building of a new CHEROKEE.  Building the yacht will be the centerpiece of a living exhibit at the museum's location on the harbor in Newport, RI.  The yacht is being built from plans provided by S&S and will be launched in time to compete in the 6-meter World Cup-also being held in Newport.  Construction management is courtesy of Boothbay Harbor Shipyard of Maine.

 This new build will rigorously conform to historic design and construction standards necessary to compete in the 2009 Worlds.  This design is sanctioned by the 6-meter Association of North America as a replica.  Only one copy of any given design is allowed and only once it can be proved that the original yacht is no longer in existence.  This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of yachting history.

Offers of underwriting and purchase are being accepted.  $160,000: includes hardware, rigging, and three sails.


Please make inquiries to:
Terry Nathan, President
Museum of Yachting & International Yacht Restoration School
401-848-5777, extension 211
Bruce Johnson, Chief Designer
Sparkman & Stephens, Inc.


CHEROKEE, S&S Design #10

Principle Characteristics ~
37'3" LOA
23'4" DWL
6'5"   Beam
5'5"   Draft

455 Sq ft sail area