Boat Name: Johan of Rhu
Sail: KC 17, ex K 43
Year Built: 1948
Designer: McGruer
Builder: McGruer
Owner: Craig Murray, et. al.
History: A 1948 James McGruer design, near sister to Noa and GBR 48 Caprice, she was acquired from Tobermory on Lake Huron, in June 2004 by a Vancouver syndicate headed by Craig Murray. She represented Great Britain in the 1948 Olympics. After being sunk by another six in the early 90’s at the last 6 meter event to take place on Lake Ontario, she languished in a boatyard and was later purchased at auction in a lien dispute. She was restored and renamed "Phoenix", then "Renaissance." The photos below show her with sails purchased from the Seattle Sailing Foundation, which owned USA 123 Steverino at the time. Johan was reassembled just in time to compete in the 2004 North Americans in Vancouver in the Summer of 2004, her first six meter event since her unfortunate sinking.