New England Fleet

The New England Fleet sails on the USA East Coast from New York to Maine.

Fleet Captain/Contact:  

US 1 Sakie - ex. Gull. From the 1st generation of sixes in the USA. Currently in Vineyard Haven, MA.

US 14 Syce - 1922 John Alden design. In Stamford, Connecticut.

US 21 Madcap - 1924 Frederick Hoyt design built by Nevins. Restored at the International Yacht Restoration School.

US 23 Firefly - 1924 Frederick Hoyt design built by Nevins.

US 33 Clytie II - ex. Aura II, ex. Clebe. 1927 Clinton Crane design built by Nevins. For sale in Wareham, Massachusetts.

D 22 Clarity - ex. 'Bonzo'. 1925 Fife in Newport, R.I.

US 42 Black Rose - ex. Thalia. 1929. Olin Stephens' first 6 meter. On Lake Champlain, New York.

US 51 Totem - Fantastic reconstruction at Brion Rieff Boatbuilders in Maine.

US 52 Alana - Sailing out of Brooklin, Maine. Major restoration of this Fife designed Classic.

US 53 Cherokee - Beautiful replica created at the Museum of Yachting under the auspices of Boothbay Harbor Shipyard and IYRS.

US 55 Lucie - Immaculate restoration and actively campaigned.

US 56 Jill - 1931 Olin Stephens design. Massive reconstruction completed in Spring 2008.

US 63 Silk, ex. Swallow. 1934 Olin Stephens design. Located outside Portland, Maine.

N 71 Flapper - Immaculately restored and actively campaigned.

USA 105 Jane Ann - 1985 Pelle Pettersen design, ex. SWE 109 Gredelin.

USA 124 Bear - 1988 Pelle Pettersen design currently being campaigned in Europe.

USA 126 Scoundrel - 1986 Ian Howlett design built by Paul Litton. Fast and successful. Beautiful bright finish wood construction in truly excellent condition.

I 64 Ciocca II - 1948 Sparkman & Stephens design represented Italy at the Olympics in 1948 & 1952.